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CLASSIC ROCK: The Voo-Doo Doctors perform at 4:30 p.m. and 8:50 p.m.
Saturday at the Integrity Clubhouse for the Yale MusicFest.

Yale MusicFest Raises Money For The Mentally ill

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Originally published in the Spin, 8.10.07

Al Langolf of the local band Voo-Doo Doctors offered to help organize and book acts after headlining last year's festival.

"What we try to do this year is really mix it up," Langolf said. "I think we've got a nice team of people coming in and a nice variety of music."

With Langolf's band taking care of the oldies, there also will be blues band Wonderdogz, Blackriver Bluegrass Boys and soloist Cliff Erickson, who has opened for Ringo Starr and played at Kid Rock's birthday party.

Most of the bands are more familiar to the local music scene. Langolf especially is excited to have Brooke Cichoracki, a singer/songwriter whose songs are in the country/rock vein. She goes by the stage name Glenbrooke.

"She's an up-and-coming girl," Langolf said.

Cichoracki, 18, of Port Huron has been playing at local coffee shops. She impressed Langolf when she played at his birthday party. Langolf and her father used to perform together in a band.

"I was in shock," Cichoracki said. "I thought he was messing around. It's going to be a lot different from playing in coffeehouses."

She hopes to offer an alternative to what many people hear on the radio.

"I try not to write love songs because everybody else is," said Cichoracki, who has been playing guitar since the age of seven.

Instead, she has songs, including Nothing's Stopping Me, which she said is about going through life and trying to accomplish her dreams.