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Voo-Doo Doctors gear
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their debut album

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Voo-Doo Doctors

  • The Voo-Doo Doctors perform from 6 to 10 p.m. Wednesday in the River Crab, 1337 River Road, St. Clair.
  • The four-man band hopes to debut their first CD. Songs You Knew Back the show.
  • If the CD is not finished by the show, visit for updates on the CD and more concert dates.
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After 12 years and hundreds of shows across the Blue Water Area, the Voo-Doo Doctors are putting the final touches on their first album.

We've talked about it for years and years," said Al Langolf, the founder of the group who plays bass and harmonica.

It's not surprising it's taken the local four-man group - which plays songs from their youth in the '60s and '70s - this long to get an album recorded.

First, technology finally became available for them to be able to easily record and mix their own music. Also, three of the band members now are retired, which frees up more time.

It's also possible the foursome, with more than 150 years of music experience combined, simply loves performing too much to pass up a gig for a recording session.

"After all these years of doing this, it's still a lot of fun," said Dave Klink, the group's drummer who also provides vocals on some songs.

"When it's not fun, I'm not doing it anymore," said Greg Kobe, who plays the keyboard, saxophone and provides vocals.

The group hopes to have its first CD ready for a Wednesday performance at the River Crab in St. Clair.

Kobe is in charge of recording. In a room just off Langolf's Ravenswood Hall banquet facility in Port Huron, he can listen to songs. He continually is tweaking the tunes, moving his fingers across the mixing board adjusting sounds.

The 12 tracks on the album include songs such as Bill Haley & His Comets' Rock Around the Clock, Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues and Lynyrd Skynyrd's Sweet Home Alabama.

"I don't think of us as doing covers, I think of us doing re-creations," said Gary Holmes, who plays guitar and sings.

One secret to the band's success locally, band members said, is they have the biggest demographic in the baby boomers.

"We really try to cater to them," Langolf said. "We play what they want to hear."

But at the end of a show, it's the love of music that brings them to the stage.

Some have tried to retire from playing before crowds, but they always come back.

Holmes, before joining the group in 2005, had taken a few years off from music. He ignored the calls asking him to fill in for a gig.

His wife got him back into it.

She said to him, "Why don't you start doing something? You're getting a little weird."

Photo by Charlie Glaze, CJC Grafix

LOCAL FAVORITES : The Voo-Doo Doctors, shown here at Marysville Park in 2005, are
preparing for the release of their debut album.