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The Voo-Doo Doctors are Glen Cichoracki, Greg Kobe, Dave Klink and Alan Langolf

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After a decade of performing, Alan Langolf still isn't tired of Mustang Sally.

"We end up playing Mustang Sally at least four times a night," said Langolf, founder of Voo-Doo Doctors.

He said the Wilson Picket classic is Voo-Doo Doctors' most requested song.

"I've played it 1,000 times.," he said. "Every time i play it, it's like the first time."

Tonight the popular oldies band, which will celebrate its 10-year anniversary in summer, ends its long reign as the house band at the St. Clair Inn with a final performance at the hotel's New Year's Eve party. With the new year comes a new home at the Pilot House restaurant in Port Huron.

FROM THE START: Alan Langolf formed the
Voo-Doo Doctors almost 10 years ago.

ON THE STICKS: Dave Klink plays drums for the Voo-Doo Doctors. Starting in 2005, the classic-rock band will be playing at the Pilot House in Port Huron.

Langolf started Voo-Doo Doctors to provide music for his son's high school graduation party. Originally a duo consisting of Langolf and his uncle, Rick, they were known as The Deck Brothers. The band gradually grew into a quartet, with Langolf on bass, Greg Kobe on keyboards and sax, Dave Klink on drums and Dave Walker on guitar.

Walker is unable to play for several months because of surgery, so guitarist Glen Cichoracki is filling in.

"These guys are a great bunch,' said Cichoracki, who played in the local band Southern Comfort in the '70s. "(Kobe) and (Klink) are practically legends in this town."

The two were professional musicians for many years, touring the country in the '60s and '70s. Kobe briefly was a member of country legend Jack Scott's backing band.

"I'm lucky to be playing with these guys," Langolf said.

Voo-Doo Doctors has had bar gigs every Friday and Saturday night for almost the entire 10 years of its existence, Langolf said, plus the occasional private party, wedding reception or class reunion.

At one point, "I was probably averaging 120 gigs a year," he said.

Langolf said that band's success lies in its song selection, which includes such classics as Blue Suede Shoes, Brown Eyed Girl and I Saw Her Standing There.

ROCKING ON: Voo-Doo Doctors' saxophonist Greg Kobe toured the country in the '60s and 70s playing music professionally.

"If you look at our song list, it's mostly '60s and '70s, and people love it," he said.

"There's a whole class of people that are looking for that type of music to dance to."

Among them are Bob and Jane Rouseau of Grosse Pointe Woods.

"At least once a month, we get in the car and drive up to the St. Clair Inn and dance to them all night," Bob Rouseau, 78, said.

"It's not mechanical, and I think that's what makes the big difference," he said. "They seem to have the knack to give you a dance beat."

You might say it's that old Voo-Doo magic.